About Us



To help our consumers achieve their goals of fitness and enhance their performance by providing a broad range of best quality and genuine products at a cost affordable to them.


Customer Centricity - We ensure that the products we offer are not just the best in quality but also among the most competitively priced. We use our knowledge to assist consumers in choosing the best product for their requirement.

Innovation- We make every effort to continually anticipate customer needs and respond with innovative products.

Passion- We come to work every day with an intense commitment and untiring energy to achieve excellence.

Freedom and Responsibility- A culture of freedom and flexibility helps us create an agile and conducive atmosphere for high performance. We are responsible people who thrive on this freedom.


Based in Mumbai, India, Unlimited Nutrition represents and distributes throughout India, some of the world’s best nutritional products and sport supplements brands. We started operations with the aim of providing the Indian consumer with a consistent supply of genuine, best quality nutritional products and sports supplements at affordable prices. Our vision is to continually grow and become the largest supplier of nutritional products and sports supplements in India while maintaining this commitment to our customers.

We offer an extensive line of premium quality products across multiple categories such as protein powders, ready-to-drink beverages, nutritional bars, pre-andpost-workout supplements, meal replacements, vitamins & minerals, etc.


The nutritional products and sport supplements industry is flooded with a variety of brands and products including a wide range of spurious products. In such an environment, it is hard to know what to choose. We are there to assist you! Our team is knowledgeable, approachable, passionate and responsible. We are committed to providing quality and genuine products.

Whatever be your sporting activity - whether body building, weight training, cricket, tennis, running, swimming, martial arts, yoga, etc. or your training goal whether building muscle, gaining weight, losing weight, increasing endurance, increasing fitness levels, etc. or your special dietary requirements - senior citizen, diabetic, lactose intolerance, etc. or if you are just looking for that perfect meal–on–the-go - we have the nutritional supplements to complement your lifestyle and help you achieve your goals!