Muscle Pharm Amino 1- 32 Serv

  1. What are BCAA’s
  1. How do BCAA’s Work?
  1. What are Electrolytes?
  1. What Is Amino 1 as Product?
  1. How much BCAA will 1 serving of Amino 1 give?
  1. Is Amino 1 Unflavored?
  1. Can Amino 1 be consumed intra workout?
  1. Is Amino 1 Stimulant free?
  1. When to consume BCAA?
  1. Do I need to supplement my body with BCAA’s or Whey is enough?
  1. For weight gaining is BCAA supplementation important?
  1. Can BCAA be taken along with the Full spectrum or essential amino acid supplements.
  1. Amino 1 can be mixed with whey protein? Will it have any side effect?
  1. Can I take multiple servings of Amino 1? Will it cause any harm or toxicity?