Nature's Best Perfect 3000 Gainer- 10Lbs - Unlimited Nutrition
Unlimited Nutrition

Nature's Best Perfect 3000 Gainer- 10Lbs

Perfect 3000 was designed to help athletes that have had difficulty gaining weight with everyday food and/or a standard weight gain formula. Perfect 3000 is nutritionally complete with a comprehensive program of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glucose polymers, branched chain amino acids, lipotropics, aspartates, fumarates, malates, succinates and alpha-ketoglutarates.

  • When mixed with water, each serving contains 60 grams PERFECT protein and 533 grams of quality carbohydrates.

  • Quantity :7 serv

    Size :10 Lbs

    Serving Size :645 gm

    Flavour : Chocolate

    Veg/Non Veg :  Non Vegetarian

    Type : Gainers

    Sub-Type :  High Calories Gainer

    Supplement Type : High Calorie Gainer

    Gender :  Unisex

    Goal : Mass Gain