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Muscle Pharm Combat 100% Isolate- 5Lbs

MusclePharm®’s Combat 100% Isolate™ is scientifically-engineered to deliver a whopping 24 grams of 100% whey isolate protein per 27 gram serving. That’s high-quality protein with no added fillers—no competitor comes close to delivering an ultra-premium, clean formula that also contains zero fat, carbohydrates, sugar and lactose.

  • We filter out more impurities than other brands because, after an intense workout session, your muscles are starved for nutrients and need true results fast. In general, isolates are the most refined protein sources, scientifically filtered to remove fats, sugars, cholesterol and carbohydrates.

    With Combat 100% Isolate, you enjoy the best: a delicious yet zero-carb, low-calorie, high-protein source.

    Studies suggest the ingestion of fast-acting protein sources can increase amino acid levels in systemic circulation where they become available for muscle protein anabolism (growth).

    The more rapidly these amino acids rise in the bloodstream, the greater the muscle building reaction.* 

  • Quantity : 84 Serv

    Size : 5 Lbs

    Serving Size : 27 gm

    Flavour :Chocolate Swirl

    Veg/Non Veg : Vegetarian

    Type : Proteins

    Sub-Type :  Whey Protein

    Supplement Type : Protein

    Gender :  Unisex

    Goal : Build Muscle

  • As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop of COMBAT 100% ISOLATE™ with 6-8 fl. oz. of cold water, milk, juice or any beverage of your choice. Vary the amount of water to achieve your desired consistency and taste. To increase your protein intake per serving and to achieve an amazing milkshake taste, use non-fat or low fat milk.


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